The Association

“Impuls CatSud, Regió del Coneixement” is a private, independent and non-profit business association.

It was born to promote the Knowledge Region in the South Cat through the development of actions and activities to integrate projects, companies and people in the territory.

The main objectives are to retain, create and promote talent, innovation and internationalization in all areas. Working on the strategic axes of: Energy and Climate Change, Industry 4.0 and digitization and Territorial and Social balance.

Another of the main objectives is to motivate and promote the creation of an agency for the management of the CatSud Knowledge Region.

the Association is established on May 9, 2022, coinciding with Europe Day, which has a lot to do with plans and policies to boost the regions.

The Entity, which has been acting for some time on behalf of around fifty companies from various sectors of the Region, participates and collaborates in the Technical Report of the Provincial Council of Tarragona and the URV, looking for initiatives and defining projects that generate opportunities, prosperity and benefit the entire business and social fabric of CatSud, with the aim of presenting them within European aid programs such as NextGeneration Catalonia, PEC and others that are part of those established within the National Pact for in the Knowledge Society.

Likewise, the initiative is committed to complying with the ODS Sustainable Development Goals, which guide the implementation of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations.

The IMPULS CAT SUD Association, Region of Knowledge, was born with the purposes of:

  • Spread the awareness of the Region of Knowledge, visualizing the future
  • Boost the growth of qualified employment
  • Design innovative strategies
  • Promoting ecosystems of emerging companies
  • Encouraging international connection processes
  • Promote the creation of an Agency for the sustainable and economic development of the Region.

The history of the Knowledge Region

In 2016, the document “South Catalonia, Region of Knowledge” was published by Rector Francesc X. Grau from the URV Chair.

In 2018, a regional foresight exercise was launched: “Catalunya Sud 2040”. It was the first initiative of this nature in our house; and in Catalonia, in fact. It covered all areas. The aim was to build a shared vision of the future between the different agents of the quadruple helix that participated.

In March 2019, the document Basis for the creation of consciousness to become in the imaginary future, a region of flows and the application of knowledge to activate our economic, political, social and environmental reality is published.

On May 13, 2020, the Government of the Generalitat led the Plenary of the National Pact for the Knowledge Society, which approved the final working document on which future public policies will be based to make Catalonia a leading country in research and innovation.

Synthesis document and starting point of the knowledge system in Catalonia collection of actions and strategies to be deployed to achieve objectives.

Progress, prosperity and well-being come from a society with the capacity for a high level of innovation.

In February 2021, the Economic Recovery Plan proposed by the European Union will be presented. The Regional Governments present their projects.

At the same time, within the Region, a proposal document is agreed upon for the creation and promotion of an Agency for the Development of Southern Catalonia, endorsed by around fifty companies in the Region and from which, we begin to to work.